Tutoring/Mentoring Program

On The Horizon: Academic Tutoring/Mentoring

At the conclusion of 2002, the agency had procured sufficient grant monies to begin to plan for an academic tutorial/mentorship program within each of the three homes owned and operated by the agency. The proposed program would match, one-on-one, University of Mary secondary education students, local teachers, or other qualified adults with the foster children of the agency, according to the tutor’s strengths and the child’s academic needs. Tutors/mentors would be expected to work with their assigned student at least three nights a week for a minimum of one hour.

The project incorporates four goals:

  1. To enrich the educational experiences of CHYS residents by providing them with one -to-one tutoring in those subjects of need.
  2. To engage CHYS residents in a natural mentoring relationship whereupon trust is built and friendship is formed.
  3. To provide secondary education students with a hands-on “teaching” experience well before their graduate and enter the classroom.
  4. To provide an avenue for community-based persons to serve the children of CHYS either through a paid tutoring position or through service as a volunteer.

The project recognizes the importance of academic success, understanding that said success is the only way a child can claim his/her viable future. The children of CHYS are, of course, entitled to their futures but are at a distinct disadvantage due to their foster care status. The Academic Tutoring/Mentoring program, set to commenced March of 2003, to provide residents with an equal opportunity to succeed, despite their disenfranchised, disadvantaged status.

Funding for the program was received from the Tom and Frances Leach Foundation, the Bremer Foundation, the Walter and Lucille Braun Family Foundation, Basin Electric Cooperative, the Bone and Joint Center, Montana-Dakota Utilities Foundation, the Children’s Services Coordinating Committee, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The Bismarck Tribune, additionally, designated the tutoring program at Charles Hall Youth Services the recipient of the January 2003 Jeans Day monies.